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Consultation is an integral aspect of landscaping because it allows us to get an idea of your vision, and you can benefit from our practical expertise. We can have a face-to-face meeting or a zoom session – depending on your preference, to discuss design features you prefer and also to understand your budget and your requirement. Using the information from the discussion we will develop and share a cost estimate for the development of a concept plan.


Once you give us the go ahead, we will share a mood board and a concept plan that will be customized on the basis of your vision and requirements. This is the stage where you come in with your amazing ideas, and we share our experience in converting those ideas into reality. Rest assured, we will make sure that the space works for you. Once the design is finalized, we will work on perfecting the details and advise you about council approvals and seek them on your behalf. We will also share a breakdown of the costs of the project.


Proper excavation of an area prior to construction is important to build a solid foundation for the landscape. As professionals, we ensure that we remove obstacles safely and that no damage is done to peripheral structures. Excavation can be used to solve drainage and soil movement problems that are generally faced on properties. We excavate sites and prepare them in a way so that the landscape built on it does not have water running off or settling where it is not supposed to. It is important for structural integrity to ensure that the water gets directed from structures and into the ground.

Excavation is required when installing pools or ponds, as well as when new utilities such as plumbing and wiring need to be put in. In those cases, we have to be mindful of earth pressure, groundwater, bedrock, buried utilities, and support structures for other properties.


Construction initiates the practical implementation of the plan. Our inhouse team and our highly specialized contractors work towards building the planned space. We monitor all aspects of the construction work which includes pool installation, building retaining walls, earthwork, woodwork, concreting, lighting installations, stonework, paving, patio building, laying down driveways and pathways, and paving.

Maintenance and follow-up

Once we are done with the construction work, our horticulturists will guide you on how to ensure proper maintenance so that the landscape can reach its full potential. We also provide follow-ups where we can help prune, plant, mulch, hedge, and arrange the garden and plants.


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