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Paving can enhance the durability of your landscape and be a great way to make it standout as well. We offer a variety of paving options including tile and brick paving, concrete paving, and stone paving.

Pavers that are used in the paving of external surfaces are larger and thicker than standard tiles and are specially designed to face against weather action. Paving is done by pouring concrete and then covering the surface with sand or earth. Pavers are then put in place by hand in a chosen pattern.

Clients can also choose to forgo pavers and instead simply have concrete paving. Concrete paving is carried out using different materials depending upon utility. We offer soil cement, modified soil cement, and cement treated bases.

Stone paving can be carried out using flattened stones and is typically used in driveways and pathways. We offer a range of materials including flagstone, cobblestone, as well as artificial stone.

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