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When we design landscapes for our clients, we take multiple factors into consideration that include climate, topography, drainage, groundwater recharge, soils, irrigation, and accessibility for humans and vehicles. We also consider the recreational needs of the clients as well as their preferences for plants and different elements. Our services offer a fine sense of spatial development that encompasses balance and symmetry.

Climate of an area is important when considering the plants and greenery aspects, because while clients may want certain plants in their landscape, their survival, given Australia’s climate might be questionable.

Topography of an area also dictates how a landscape is designed. For areas with a solid bedrock, or an area with steep inclines, different techniques of landscaping need to be employed.

Drainage of an area with regards to standing water can create issues that need to be resolved or considered when designing. Moreover, the kind of soil of the area as well as its utility need to be taken into account. For instance, an area might be needed for a driveway or it could be a walkway or a garden, the design needs to reflect the needs of the clients.

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