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Landscaping ideas for small gardens 

by in Landscape February 28, 2022

“The tiniest gardens are often the most beautiful,” Vita Sackville West. 

Even if a home has little garden space, you can still enjoy gardening. A large percentage of us do not have a “big garden.” So, to develop your own green area and get clever with your small outdoor garden area. 

Small garden landscaping ideas 

All you need is a little creativity and these small garden landscape design ideas to turn a run-down piece of land into a beautiful sanctuary. 

  • Include a water feature. 

In a small garden, a smart irrigation system, can makes absolute sense. It will let your houseplants thrive, – particularly when you travel for an extended period of time, and it is also great not to forget smart utilization of water. 

  • Plant and tool cart with tiers 

To add some character and variety of size, use a layered cart or tall stand. A tiered cart can have multiple uses such as to store gardening equipment or to help organize flower pots. 

  • Fountains and other accessories 

The sound of pouring water from a standalone fountain can make your space feel serene! Selecting a fountain that perfectly matches your design aesthetic and the ambiance you’re attempting to create is also a pleasant way to show your charm and personal style. Consider installing an exciting water feature if your outdoor area has a water hook up near the area. 

  • Decorative signs add character. 

Try to integrate a festive or seasonal sign into your small garden area for styling all year round– hoisted up against walls or placed behind a planter, a wall sign is a surprising accessory in your small garden. For example, fall is a celebratory and playful time, and Halloween is a fun experience. Or you could add holiday decorations, during the Christmas season. 

  • Flowers, plants, and trees 

Landscapers in Sydney agree that whether you have green fingers or otherwise, your small garden can prosper and flourish. If you don’t want to deal with the upkeep of genuine plants, fake flowers and foliage can offer a similar effect. Just choose a few seasonal flowers and assemble them in different colored and sized pots and planters. If you are short on floor area, use planters with hangers to hold your plants up, vertically , or over a stairwell. 

  • Garden lighting for a small space 

Lanterns can be used in a lot of different design aesthetics, adding delicate lighting as well as a touch of artistic value. Just choose lights that accentuate the feel of your area for yet another wonderful way to showcase your individual style. 

  •  Garden seating for a small garden 

Grab a seat and appreciate this lovely sanctuary you’ve developed.  A comfy chair and a hammock can turn your small garden into a cool happy place. Add a couple of vibrant colors or a styled sofa for your visitors to sit back on to make it extra homey. Maybe a swing if you already have the space – they are often a hot item! 

  • Build a Simple Stone Pathway 

We adore stone pathways for both functional and cosmetic purposes. They’re absolutely beautiful, of course, but they’re also classy, elegant, and super practical. So no need to walk through your nice fresh-cut grass at all. 

  • Create a Floral Border 

Separate the car park sidewalk from the lawn with a flowering bed. 

  • Create an urban oasis 

A selection of clay pots and climbing ferns, thanks to homey ceramics, can make such a difference and create excitement and aesthetic in your small garden. 

  • Convert a Bicycle into a Planter 

Landscaping does not have to be expensive. Repurpose old items as garden frameworks or flower beds. 

  • Plant Climbing Vines 

Climbing vines, such as this lovely autumn clematis, add height to spaces and help to spruce up otherwise extremely unattractive outdoor areas. 

  • Create a Lounge Area 

Make a relaxing area in your garden by laying down paving stones and enclosing it with greenery and vegetation. 

  • Suspend Flower Pots 

You can suspend flower pots in mid-air, held in place by traditional clay hooks, which are acrylic reinforces that screw into a wall and allow you to easily hook and detach ceramic pots and planters. Each hanger can support up to 30 pounds, making them perfect for big pots as well. This is a very smart choice for small gardens with space constraints. 

  • Incorporate unusual plants. 

A small garden is an excellent place to display unique and sometimes odd plants. Because the plants are in such close proximity to you, the distinctions in leaf color and shape stand out and appear to be so pretty. 

  • Plant one of each type instead of pairs or threes 

In a small garden, space is restricted so one must be creative and ideally one of each sampling will look just fine. You can accessorize them with colored pots and planters or hand them in an aesthetically appealing way. 

If we talk about landscaping and designing your small garden, the possibilities are limitless. Create a space where you’ll love to relax and unwind and the children can cut capers by being creative and having a bit of fun. 


All of these landscaping ideas are suitable for small gardens in Sydney. They are easy to accomplish, and you can often repurpose used items in your home, such as plastic containers, vases, and fixtures. The total cost of landscaping will be lowered as well. Rob Stone Landscapes are one of the leading Landscapers in Sydney. With our genuine enthusiasm for creating a positive impression through innovative designs, we will make sure that no specifics are neglected in order to achieve positive outcomes. We’ll design your ideal garden. So, if you’re interested or want more details, please contact us right away. 

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