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About Us

Landscaping is a labour of love for Rob Stone, the founder of Rob Landscapes. Rob’s keen aesthetic sense and love for nature motivated him to start along this creative and highly rewarding journey in landscaping. Rob Landscapes has been in the industry for 22 years, and has evolved from a passion project to a full-fledged business, supported by a team which shares its founder’s enthusiasm for landscapes.

Rob Landscapes has grown from being a small entity with a few employees to well-reputed firm, serving residents in all areas of Sydney. Our team has helped hundreds of customers curate their ideas and bring them to fruition, with gardens, patios, backyards all adding oomph to commercial and residential properties.

Our team comprises of a variety of skilled employees, a majority of whom are local graduates from some of Sydney’s finest institutions. In line with Rob’s philosophy, each member serves clients as efficiently and diligently as possible, taking full ownership of his or her project.

We are an equal opportunity employer dedicated to uplifting the local community and are proud of the fact that our core business naturally aligns with helping make the environment sustainable. As professional landscapers we bring nature to the client’s door and play our part in the conservation process. We make sure that all the materials that we use for paving, stonework, decorations are procured responsibly and that the local communities are not harmed. As for the trees and plants, we ensure that while adding beauty to the landscape, these can also survive in the local climate.

Over the years we have developed an impeccable aesthetic sense and have evolved professionally as our client base has grown. We currently employ highly skilled workers and partner with brands of international repute, in the meanwhile garnering rave reviews from customers.

Our mission is to enhance our client’s lifestyles and help them enjoy nature from the comfort of their homes

We envision creating a beautiful world where people are not simply close to nature, but live within nature and yet benefit from the comfort of modern amenities. We want to make landscapes a natural part of all properties in Sydney.

We are a passionate team of landscapers who love the outdoors and strive to build it into homes so that our clients can benefit from nature every day. Our passion is contagious, and it is amazing to see clients liven up and be excited and content after we are done with our work. The clients’ smiles make us come to work each day. From the design stage to the construction stage, where we excavate the area and prepare it to bring our designs to fruition, each and every project is a labour of love. We love how paving, stonework, lawn design, and the addition of outdoor décor can enhance the look of a landscape and how, through our work, we can safeguard the environment and bring a positive change in the surroundings of our dwellings.